AdVan Advertising

Focal Point can offer advertising vans that are vertical and backlit in design (Backlit AdVans) or standard integrated ‘A' frame in shape. Both represent maximum impact at minimum cost.

AdVans operate Nationwide and can be used as mobile billboards but can equally be used in a stationary manner to promote your message.

Unlike a lot of mediums, we can put your message where you want it, when you want it, ensuring the audience you want to attract is targeted. By being completely mobile we can place your advertisement in high profile locations where your audience dwells or your competitors operate, such as main routes into towns, busy carriageways, high streets, retail parks and shopping centres. There is no doubt that when faced by a huge 20ft x 10ft advert, people will see it and will read it!

AdVans also offer back lighting for night work and winter evenings.

Our drivers are all equipped with mobile phones, digital cameras, activity sheets and GPS navigation, GPS satellite tracking and a bluetooth option. The client can track the vehicle through 3rd party remote access and viewing all adding to the accountability whilst demonstrating.

Every client will be issued with a post campaign report and photographs from the periods booked.

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